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The Restoration Atelier is located on the top floor of the historic house. It's connected to the spiral glass. Visitors can see a few highly-skilled watchmakers restoring antique watches back to their original, pristine condition.breitling superocean replica In the basement vaults of the building you will find a variety of immersive exhibitions which tell the story of how the brand is carried out around the globe today.

It's a company that is owned by a family, so people can feel like they are part of a big family. It is a special company, where human connections come first and then professional ones. "We wanted people to know that," says Vivas.

The new museum took over two years to construct, but the wait was worth it. Vivas and the entire heritage department were thrilled to have an AP Museum. They felt that it was the best way to share the history of the company with the public.

Vivas, the museum's director, says that the collection is the best because it's complete. "We're based in Vallee de Joux. The museum is a play on the landscape. Both the new and historical buildings have watchmakers in them. "We offer our visitors the opportunity to not only discover the collection,breitling transocean replica but also to learn about the techniques and experience them right at Le Brassus."

Bridging the Past

breitling superocean replicarecently published a book about its complicated wristwatches from the 20th century. It is a masterpiece that everyone should own. Four years of research in archives led to the publication. The book covered everything from the 1892 minute repeating wristwatch up until the 1970s grand complications. There are no two identical watches. There are 550 wristwatches mentioned in the book: 35 minute repeaters; 188 calendar wristwatches; 307 chronograph watches and 20 double-complication wristwatches that have calendar and chronograph features. Vivas discovered company archives near the railway station, which included detailed photography and a fascinating narrative.